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Which layer of the hierarchical design model provides a means of connecting devices to the network and controlling which devices are allowed to communicate on the network? Beginning with HR servers and workstations, a network engineer is designing a new security structure for the network.

Which set of policies adheres to the hierarchical network model design principles?

Move all HR assets out of the data center and connect them to S1.

Use Layer 3 security functions on S1 to deny all traffic into and out of S1.

access layer core layer data-link layer distribution layer network layer physical layer 2.

Which three features are commonly supported at the distribution layer of the Cisco hierarchical network model?

Implement Layer 3 switching on S1 to reduce the packet processing load on D1 and D2.

Configuring communication between devices on different VLANs requires the use of which layer of the OSI model? What is the likely impact of moving a conventional company architecture to a completely converged network?core layer distribution layer access layer entry layer 14.Which two characteristics are associated with enterprise level switches?Stack Wise technology allows up to nine switches to be interconnected via the use of a fully redundant backplane. A network technician is asked to examine an existing switched network.Following this examination, the technician makes recommendations for adding new switches where needed and replacing existing equipment that hampers performance.

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