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"I didn’t know that the way my mother talked to me wasn’t the way other mothers talked to their daughters.

I was an only child, and her constant criticism and putting me down made me feel terrible about myself, and it made me double my efforts to please her.

The evolutionary goal is for children to adapt to whatever environment they are in, so that they are not in a constant state of stress.

Born into a safe, attentive, and attuned environment, the child’s brain develops normally; when born into one which is either unsupportive or hostile, the brain does not.

I think my survival mechanism was repressing, being oblivious on purpose. I knew something was wrong, but I never thought to talk about it with a teacher.

I read a lot of books with people who were heroes because I wanted to be like them." — Joelle, 39 First and foremost, if science knows anything, it’s that “bad is stronger than good,” as Roy Baumeister and his colleagues noted in the title of their seminal article.

In a more expansive way, Ethan Kross and his colleagues demonstrated the complexity of this connection in an experiment that used MRI scanning to see what areas of the brain lit up when individuals who’d recently experienced being left by a lover viewed a photograph of their ex, and when a noxious amount of heat was applied to the forearm. This is how she thinks it shaped her: "I’m very critical of myself and overly sensitive.

I have a very poor, almost dysmorphic self-image even though I’ve accomplished a great deal.

One of my greatest fears and motivators is not being enough for someone I care about." In textbook terms, this woman suffers from rejection sensitivity and low self-esteem, has an anxious/preoccupied style of attachment, and is prone to rumination and perhaps depression—and all of this co-exists with high achievement in the world.A study of some 2,000 adults in their sixties found that when it came to telling their life stories, they recalled painful events quite differently—even when there’s been a long interval of time since they occurred—with the exception of childhood trauma.The researchers concluded that older adults perceived positive events as central to their lives largely because of cultural norms, but that negative events were perceived as central or a turning point because of the related coping skills and emotional distress.Studies show that various parts of the brain are affected by a hostile situation, among them the corpus callosum (the conduit for transferring motor, sensory, and cognitive information between the brain’s two hemisphere); the hippocampus (part of the limbic system that regulates emotion); and the frontal cortex (controls thought and decision making).This information is genuinely terrifying, but it also appears to be beyond dispute.

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