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Crews initially fashioned some of the telegraph poles so small that buffalo, using them as scratching posts, knocked them over.Despite the obstacles, the line was completed in a matter of months.'It's a very American story,' said Corbett, adding that not only was the project brought in with amazing speed but that it 'completely changed everything in a flash,' from the introduction of groundbreaking technology to the country's own self-image.'California was almost like a satellite, if you think about it,' he said.Seventy-three, for example, meant goodbye; 30 was the number placed at the end of a news story to signify the end.Historic: In March 1940 Thomas Midgley Jr, right, chairman of the Board of American Chemical Society, demonstrated the original morse telegraph machine to Conway Coe, U. Commissioner of Patents, in Washington DCBut unlike terms like LOL and BTW that cell-phone users created to save wear and tear on their thumbs, and later adapted to Twitter to stay under its 140-character count, telegraph abbreviations were done to keep from jamming up and slowing down the wire with needless words.In 1869, when the final piece of track connecting the transcontinental railroad was laid in Promontory, Utah, a young news organization called The Associated Press sent a story about it out on the wire.'I really see the telegraph as the original technology, the grandfather of all these other technologies that came out of it: the telephone, the teletype, the fax, the Internet,' said telegraph historian Thomas Jepsen, author of 'My Sisters Telegraphic: Women In Telegraph Office 1846-1950.''The transcontinental telegraph put the Pony Express out of business in the literal click of a telegrapher's key.That's not an exaggeration,' says Christopher Corbett, author of 'Orphans Preferred: The Twisted Truth and Lasting Legend of the Pony Express.'Indeed, the Pony Express, which boasted it could deliver a letter from Sacramento to St.The Home Telephone Company, financed by investors from Southern California and Ohio, was trying to wrest the telephone franchise held exclusively by Pacific States Telephone and Telegraph Company in Northern California. on the premise that their people could provide better service than machines.

From sea to sea, it electronically knitted together a nation that was simultaneously tearing itself apart, North and South, in the Civil War.'It was huge,' says Amy Fischer, archivist for Western Union, which strung the line across mountains, canyons and tribal lands to make the final connection. With the Civil War just a few months old, the idea that California, the growing cities of California, could talk to Washington and the East Coast in real time was huge.

The company has been known by a number of names during which its service area has changed.

As of 2002, the name “Pacific Bell” is no longer used in marketing, Pacific Bell is still the holder of record for the infrastructure of cables and fiber through much of California.

The Pacific Telegraph Act would change that, becoming one of the first instances of the federal government setting telecommunications policy.

Passed in 1860, it called for the government to hire a company that would extend the line across Nebraska, through Utah and Nevada, linking the West with the rest of the country.

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