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Hit the malls for Daygame to meet quality women of Barranquilla. If you love to party, then Barranquilla isn’t your place.You can still have a good night out and meet some chicks, but day game and online game are much more fruitful. I just couldn’t figure out what nights it would be filled.Barranquilla is very spread out and in combination with the heat, it is not a walkable city. You will need to take a taxi to the beach, bars, and clubs.I highly recommend that you stay close to one of the big malls. Ideally, you should secure a hotel or apartment near Buenavista or Viva malls.Here’s a quick rundown of clubs: Discolo: By far the best night game venue in Barranquilla. Frogg: Is the next best night game spot in Barranquilla. The issue is you’ll struggle to find girls without men.I’d only go here on a weekend night when Discolo is dead or you have a chick with you. It’s a lot of groups (common in Colombia), but the party really gets going in here after midnight.

Want to know more about Colombian women and what works best? Your foreigner status will be higher in Barranquilla than the big 3: Bogota, Medellin and Cali. I also had good success with Colombian Cupid which I can also recommend. Girls are generally friendly and quite approachable in malls. Overall, Sex happens quickly in Barranquilla which makes it a solid place for a short stay as opposed to Medellin which requires more time to mix it up with quality girls. Tiguere from RVF recommends the following for meeting the women of Barranquilla at night: “Night Game: I thought night game sucked in Barranquilla.The women of Barranquilla left a positive impression on me.They were more attractive and sweeter than I had anticipated. Santa Marta and Cartegena are easily accessible for better beaches. These conditions rule out a long-term stay for my tastes.Air-conditioning in your apartment or hotel is a must. There are several flights a day from Bogota, which is a 1.5 hour flight.You will most likely arrive in Ernesto Cortissoz International Airport, located to the south of the city. The most common international entry is from Panama City with flights, served by Copa Airlines. Travel time to your pad in Barranquilla will take roughly 30-45 minutes and will cost 30 Mil.

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