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If anyone else is having a problem with this, deleting Deck 2 before crashing will bypass the issue and allow you to play with the other cards.Regardless of the hype, Kingdom Hearts never has been and never will be a perfect franchise.Intelligent Systems: For making this game, and Fire Emblem in general! It was named Deck 2: Awakening, so before I was able to get into the mod I assumed it was the actual deck.Only learned it was just an image after I fixed my issue and could mess around in it.Updated the mod with Set 12 Promos and updated some stuff.Also, bal, in regards to that Starter Deck 2 crash, what exactly do you mean? Because the deck itself should not be loading in with the mod at all, only the bag would be, and the bag is a generic TTS asset, so that shouldn't be able to crash you.Here you'll find information about traditional visual novel style Gx B otome games, shoujo RPGs & RPGs with romance elements, as well as Gx G games made for a female audience.

A lot of RPGs these days have some sort of relationship mechanic, even if the relationships aren’t necessarily romantic, but you can them find turn-based strategy games as well.But as long as you don’t take it or yourself too seriously, I think anyone can find something to enjoy about these games.Do you enjoy the dating games in earnest, or do you take them with a large dose of irony ?You'll also find the starter cards for those wanting to do a quick start, but I'll still be leaving the starter workshop item up for those that might use it.If you find yourself confused as to the purpose of some of the sections of the cards, or simply want to find out how to play, refer to here for additional information: You can also use Serenes to find specific cards you are looking for, and find out what Series they are from. Asdeef: Organized mod, created a number of the translated cards.

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