Tumblr dating game anon

Synopsis: To celebrate the carnival, everyone learns to dance to different music.

Plus, Pocoyo’s friends surprise him with something delicious.

Synopsis: Two potheads smoke some brain-enhancing weed and, to their surprise, score high enough on entrance exams to get scholarships at Harvard.

Synopsis: A medical student-turned-zombie tries to retain her humanity by eating brains at the morgue and finds she has an uncanny new gift for solving crimes.

Here’s your complete breakdown of all the movies and TV shows coming (like brand-new eps of !!! Synopsis: Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison all died at the age of 27 between 19.Unseen footage and interviews with medical experts, music critics and people who knew the famous artists who all coincidentally died at the age of 27.Synopsis: After her drunken antics result in property damage, an alcoholic journalist enters rehab—and soon meets a fellow resident who changes her outlook.Pocoyo plays baseball and golf, and races with his friends. Synopsis: During World War II, an escaped POW makes his way to Tibet, where he meets the Dalai Lama, whose friendship ultimately transforms his outlook on life.Synopsis: Seven strangers anxiously waiting for their HIV test results decide to bribe the clinic receptionist to get them early, learning one is positive.

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