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It's been two years now since this adorable pair got together, and they made their dancing debut together this summer on Oxygen's “All the Right Moves" reality show. She did catch me checking her out in the hallway once… He did a triple take and Ade [Obayomi] called him out on it.

Allison: I didn't just make one move—I made, like, : It's surprising you two hadn't met before. Our good friend [and Season 2 contestant] Ivan Koumaev had a party and invited a bunch of us.

It just doesn't get much more adorable than t Witch's surprise proposal to Allison while they were filming a Microsoft commercial together: the thoughtfulness that went into planning it, the moment when Allison realizes they're not dancing for work anymore, that perfectly in sync impromptu dance number... And, of course, that most adorable proposal resulted in the most adorable wedding.

him turning her around to reveal that her parents and daughter are there and calling her his "greatest inspiration! One would expect nothing less than a perfect first dance to Adele's "One and Only," but that Allison and t Witch also obviously had the best time with their friends and family made the day seem extra special.

Holker performed with Earth, Wind and Fire at the opening and closing ceremonies at the Olympic Games in 2002, and in the Disney movies High School Musical and High School Musical 2.

On television, she has been seen in various commercials and advanced to the Top 8 on the second season of So You Think You Can Dance, and danced in that season's SYTYCD nationwide tour.

Holker was born in Minnesota and grew up in Orem, Utah and graduated from Timpanogos High School in June 2006.

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Now, almost exactly five years later, Allison and t Witch have mostly overcome their shyness around each other.Boy and girl finally get the courage to dance with each other—and fall in love. We met again during Season 7, but didn't say a word to each other the whole season.It's a fitting comparison, since t Witch and Allison are among “SYTYCD"'s most popular veterans and All-Stars. So that's why I had no idea, because she wouldn't talk to me and I thought she wasn't interested.OK, this moment is less adorable and more, uh, incredibly sexy.Before Allison was even an official DWTS pro, she and t Witch took the stage for a passionate number accompanied by Lindsey Stirling and her rock and her electric violin.

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