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I have bought 5 dell monitors , no issue with pixels yet (touch wood) Have the U2715H here but I have it connected with the displayport on the video card (GTX970) to the mini displayport on the monitor. i hesitated over the weekend but decided to place an order yesterday.spec is good enough, so far no issues reported like p2715qand considering dive of dollar, the chance of this monitor to be further discounted beyond 15% is slim.

QHD 2560 x 1440 is perfect for me at 125% scaling and I will have 2 of these running DP with DP out from monitor 1 to 2 so less cable clutter as well.there are too many 27 inch models with dell, 30% off across the board- doubt. also doubtful i am quite impressed with dell and startrack, their efficiency can only be matched with atoorder on late sunday, shipped on monday, received today i am not keeping the box, can anyone confirm whether dell will post a new box and pre paid postage if later requiring warranty service?waoo, sounds fantastic i'm not sure, i've never needed to use it with my last dell monitori called dell, was only given a short answer, yesbox for 27 inch is way too big, better recycle for it to be made for toilet paper or ballot paper (same thing) I'm not sure yet, waiting for the dust to settle!I am so happy I held off on those tempting U2713HM deals. 2x U2715H's Total 52.32 Thats 6 Each, so just under 20% off. I'm not in a rush I was looking at getting them December/January. First impression is great monitor, leaves my old Dell SP2309W for dust. I can use an EPP code to get an additional 15% off. However at PCCG's price plus shipping it much the same as the 3 I got it off Dell for. LOL I have just ordered my second one of these and it is a really nice monitor.By memory it just said finance as the option and they emailed me to call them They emailed the below with direct number and extension to phone to the person who sent this email Hi, This is regarding the internet reference # AU0134-blah blah, I will help you applying 6 months interest free finance. I bought a Phillips 28 inch 4k and hated it and had a Dell U2711 which is getting a little old now and I really love the much thinner bezel on this new model.

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