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There is a workaround that will not harm the security of your computer, instructions are listed below 2.Black Screen If the Interactive Sky Chart shows you a black screen, check to see if you need a Java update: go to and click on "Do I have Java" to verify your Java version.Some deep-sky objects that can be seen in binoculars are plotted too.The applet should work properly in most Java-enabled Web browsers.The "Change Location" button opens a new browser window. Slow Connection You might have a problem with your Internet connection.This is especially likely if you are seeing pages on other Web sites load very slowly.The part of the sky inside this frame appears at a larger scale in the rectangular window labeled SELECTED VIEW in the upper left corner of your screen.Under that you'll find Location and Date & Time displays. The All-Sky Chart's center represents the part of the sky directly overhead.

Set the location by clicking on the "Change Location" button.We suggest you contact your Internet service provider in this case.If you see a Java-related security warning when you attempt to open the Interactive Sky Chart, you'll need to follow the steps below to enable the Sky Chart for your computer.When the Java Control Panel opens, select the tab marked "Security" (see screen shot below) 4. Click "OK" to close the Java Control Panel In Macs: 1. Go to the Interactive Sky Chart by clicking on the link from the website header, then click on the Interactive Sky Chart link within the article.Click the apple icon in the uppser left corner, then choose "System Preferences..." 2. The applet may take time to download, especially if you have a slow connection.

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