Updating escd boot problem dating site topics

And yes, maybe its buggy, but since I also can't boot of floppy or hard drive, I don't think that is the problem.

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success” while booting DOS and it always prints this while trying to boot of CD-ROM.

Also, the CDROM booting was just invented at the time and the CDROM booting function may be buggy.

If it is an Award BIOS I think it should print "Updating ESCD...

Hey guys, I want to apologize if this isn't the right forum for my “I have a problem” question, but I never had any luck with vintage hardware in more general computer forums so I just wanna give it a go here I'm in the process of building a Socket 7 gaming rig for anything my 486 cant handle anymore, but I just can't get the system to boot of anything.

I tried different versions of DOS of 3 different floppy drives, I tried booting 2 Versions of Windows 98 of different CD-ROM drives and I even tried just plugging in my 486s hard drive with Windows 95 on it. The system can boot into BIOS all day long and didn't crash on me once so I assume the hardware should be fine.

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