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Head over to yellows8's browserhax page and follow instructions there.Note that browserhax does not currently support the latest firmware versions.NOTE : unfortunately Nintendo has patched tubehax and made it impossible to use the You Tube application without updating. In order to install tubehax, you will need a console whose firmware version is between 9.0 and 10.1, as well as the You Tube application (available for free on e Shop) and an internet connection.To make things easier, we put together the homebrew starter kit; you can just download it and extract it at the root of your SD card.Currently, initial installation for this can only be done if you or one of your friends already has access to homebrew.To get supermysterychunkhax, you can follow the instructions from its official webpage.If you've downloaded the free Steel Diver : Sub Wars eshop game, you can use it as a homebrew entrypoint.Just head over to vegaroxas's steelhax webpage and follow the instructions in the archive's readme file!

NOTE : the following steps might be slightly confusing to some people.

You can grab the right otherapp payload for your console below on this page.

Don't forget to rename it to and place it at the root of your SD card!

If you own Super Smash Bros, a New 3DS, some compatible wifi hardware and aren't afraid of going under the hood, then you can head over to yellows8's smashbroshax webpage and follow instructions there.

Do note that this is currently the least convenient method of running homebrew, and will likely be best suited to installing a more permanent setup such as ironhax (see above).

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