Updating my blackberry os datingchat rooms for the deaf

If you notice that sluggishness persists after plugging back to power, do a hard restart with the volume keys as described here.

For some users, (particularly a small segment of those rocking the Q10,) notice that their display has sort of zoomed in, with parts of the UI cut-off from the display.

By default, one of the battery saving measures is to “Limit Maximum CPU Performance”, which basically limits the processor speed and translates to a slightly slower device.

It's a good idea to plug your Priv into the charger while the update is installed.Black Berry has acknowledged the problem in their knowledge base.It apparently happens because Black Berry 10 needs 2.5 times the size of a downloaded update package to install.Alternatively, you can install the last leak, then upgrade (the upgrade from the last leak is just about 10MB).For some devices, especially the Black Berry Passport, you may notice that your screen flickers occasionally, when native apps are launched.

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