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Unfortunately, on reboot Solaris unhelpfully gives the error: kernel /platform/i86pc/multiboot [Multiboot-...error message during boot [Solaris 8 10/00]Hello, this is a Sparcstation 20 with one additional le device (501-2015).During boot I see: configuring IPv4 interfaces:ifconfig: #hostname.le0: bad address le0ifconfig: #hostname.le1: bad address le1.If something happens which leaves the boot archive used to boot the machine out of date - I think this is generally the result of patches failing - then, on boot, the machine will tell you to choose GRUB's "Solaris failsafe" option and follow the instructi...script to create complete Solaris 10 wan boot environment A while ago I had to set up a bunch of wan boot environments to jumpstart a bunch of new Sun servers with Solaris 10.To speed this process up, I created a script that will set up a wan boot environment for a specified host in no time.| On an OBP-based platform, reboot then type "boot -F failsafe".Then | follow the prompts to update the boot archive.Regards Stephan Stephan The error message you get on attempting to boot strongly suggests a hardware problem. I hope you have a backup of your disk from before you started tinkering!You may need that after you get your MMU problem straightened out.

Can anyone explain why we need to link both /unix and /usr/lib/boot/unix [email protected](Sanjay) wrote in message news: I have seen that in AIX whenever you have t...

=A0Stephan Hi, not sure what you have done on those servers exactly - but the error you got (boot_archive and GRUB) is related to x86 architecture. now, if I were in your shoes I would boot off OS CD or net into single- user mode and: * restore bootblk on the internal disks * mount your root FS from the internal disks and look into the following: /etc/system /etc/vfstab if you get the same error (MMU Miss) when booting off CD or net - open the call in Sun support.

Cheers, Nikolai Nikolai ops, sorry - I was wrong - as I see it must be Solaris10 U6 - so, the warnings to boot_archive can be met on this particular configuration after patching - due to the boot_archive file is not updated after patch has been applied.

Corruption is corruption is corruption is corruption It was obvious before Bush went for Iraq that he was doing something illegal. Solaris 2.6 boot errors Hi, I often see this message while booting Solaris2.6 running on a ultra 440 Mhz CPU. Exit the shell when done to continue the boot process.

Type Ctrl-d to proceed with normal startup, (or give root password for system maintenance): The system was shutdown properly using init 5.

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