Valentine day dating

They’ve said that, at ages 28 and 30, this is their last Olympics.

But no matter how they choose to proceed after finishing their time in Pyeong Chang, it’s hard to imagine their relationship remaining anything but close.

Here’s all you need to know about Valentine’s Day 2018, including when it is, who was St Valentine, and why we celebrate the day on February 14.

This year’s Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday, February 14.

To the surprise of many, the truth is that the pair are avowedly not romantically involved.

Here’s everything we know about the skaters who have won the world’s hearts — platonically. Moir’s aunt, a skating coach for both of them as singles, decided to try pairing them as dancing partners when they were just kids.

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One variation of this legend says that Valentine fell in love with the woman and, before his death, he wrote her a letter that he signed with ‘Your Valentine’.

They first made it to the Olympics in Vancouver in 2010, taking gold together with a free dance program. After a two-year break, they decided they hadn’t quite finished with their tenure in ice competition, and so returned for this round in Pyeong Chang, to the surprise of many. In a 2014 interview, Moir — who had a girlfriend at the time — admitted that being in a separate relationship could be “tough.” (Virtue said she’d make a terrible girlfriend, because of her commitment to their sport.) Virtue has also said that their relationship is “complicated,” given all that time they’ve spent together training over the years.

But after wowing crowds with their “Roxanne” routine at the Canadian nationals in earlier in the year, they silenced any naysayers. They’re quick to share compliments about the other, and refer to each other as “best friends.” Of course, that doesn’t mean ‘shippers haven’t seized upon all kinds of moments to make the case that there’s something more to their connection that pure professionalism.

It may seem to be an odd one, since the most romantic date on the calendar also marks the first day of Lent 2018, Ash Wednesday.

Along with the first day of Easter falling on April 1, April Fool’s Day, this is the first time in 73 years that two religious holidays are on the same day as two slightly less serious ones.

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