Validating sql stored procedures functions views

If When a parameter of the function has a default value, the keyword DEFAULT must be specified when the function is called to retrieve the default value.This behavior is different from using parameters with default values in stored procedures in which omitting the parameter also implies the default value.For Transact-SQL functions, all data types, including CLR user-defined types, are allowed except the timestamp data type.For CLR functions, all data types, including CLR user-defined types, are allowed except the text, ntext, image, and timestamp data types.Note ANSI_WARNINGS is not honored when you pass parameters in a stored procedure, user-defined function, or when you declare and set variables in a batch statement.For example, if a variable is defined as char(3), and then set to a value larger than three characters, the data is truncated to the defined size and the INSERT or UPDATE statement succeeds.You can create, modify, and drop database objects that reference common language runtime modules; however, you cannot execute these references in SQL Server until you enable the clr enabled option. ] ) Applies to: SQL Server 2008 through SQL Server 2017, SQL Database (Preview in some regions).| Defines the table data types for a CLR function.

This also gets into the basic testing that should occur for the immediate issue, and regression testing to ensure there aren't unforeseen issues.In multistatement table-valued functions, @Warning Joining to a multistatement table valued function in a FROM clause is possible, but can give poor performance.SQL Server is unable to use all the optimized techniques against some statements that can be included in a multistatement function, resulting in a suboptimal query plan.For CLR functions, all data types, including CLR user-defined types, are allowed except text, ntext, image, user-defined table types and timestamp data types.The nonscalar types, cursor and table, cannot be specified as a parameter data type in either Transact-SQL or CLR functions.

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