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After completion of her high school education, she got enrolled at the College of the Desert in Palm Desert where she studied law.Actress Vanessa relies on her active lifestyle to keep her figure in shape. Although her father and mother also got separated, this split up never affect her life. Although they were close to the wedding; but financial problem parted their ways. He put up this allegation that seventeen years ago she borrowed a massive amount of money. She has three siblings, among them she is youngest from all, two sisters and one brother.There was no evidence of fight or any argument that happened between them because of this. Jillian Michaels is an American trainer and she was seen a lot with Vanessa.There were rumors that Carmine and Vanessa separation was due to the fact that she is homosexual.

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He never mentioned about his dating life and who he is dating as of now.After the separation, she was seen with Tylor Christopher. Though there were a few speculations that Carmine was gay, the rumors died out soon because there was no evidence to prove it. Carmine has a strong rule of keeping his life to himself.He has never talked about his life with his wife, Vanessa, why they broke up and their relationship after that.It was said that they referred to each other as best friends.There are no reports as how Carmine took this incident.

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