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from our Classic VB FAQs (in the FAQ forum, which is shown near the top of our home page) I would also recommend using a connection string that is based on OLEDB (which is newer, thus more features) rather than the older ODBC. I getting some error about to many arguments so redid the code Now if there is data on the sheet already should I clean this out? So I can drop in the new data..want any overlaps ie 6 and 4 from last dump Last question honest Gov is there anyway to tell what the Excel book is called? if I have data to refresh then delete but if not dont Well that is possible, but will take a bit of extra work - because the code so far is only safe if you run it inside a particular workbook, and don't refer to another one. I tried 3 diff ways of doing the connection By the way, VB would happily have told you that was a typo, if you asked it to check for them - so I'd recommend reading article What is Option Explicit, and why should I use it? I like your clear contents bit...however not all users will be on the network and have access to database so currently I am trying to work out how to say... When pasted into a new sheet I need to columns to come in A: F I have a loop that does this already but it is huge and is slowing down my file. Activate For Row = 2 To 15000 If Worksheets("Sorted Data").

How do I tell data to put Field names on first row? Am thinking about calling it what I have to filter..way 1 codeset could be used for all my sheets as long as the spreadsheet is the right filter group oops 3 rd last question..there a way to lock down this code so noone sees it but me? OLEDB.4.0;" & _ "Data Source=" & str File Path & ";" s QRY = "SELECT tbl Data.* FROM tbl Data" rs. Open s QRY, cnn, ad Open Static, ad Lock Read Only Application. As you want to work with other workbooks you need to also specify that, eg: I don't think using the filename is a particularly good idea - what happens if the name needs to change, or somebody does a "Save As" to make a copy? yeah this spreadsheet will be refreshed weekly and sent out... I dont think they would change it but but if they do it would be an issue.

I just did that and got this Sub Macro1() ' ' Macro1 Macro ' Macro recorded 3/30/2009 by Hack ' ' With Active Sheet. Add(Connection:=Array( _ "OLEDB; Provider=Microsoft. thanks for our help, I was googling last night and there were a few examples..got it talking to SQL Server.... I was meaning the Excel filename as this is what I was going to use for each data dump. 2) If there are no records for the give criteria then it gives error.

To do that, just record a macro and do the work manually (I think one of the menu options allows you to clear a sheet, if not 'select all' then clear), and then find the code written for you inside the macro. Thanks very much for your help you helped turn an problem into something I can work with, maintain and roll out to the rest of the spreadsheets fairly quickly...cheers!!

Screen Updating = False Dim x As Long For x = 2 To 15000 If Cells(x, "C") = "No" And Cells(x, "D") = "No" And Cells(x, "E") = "No" Then Cells(x, "A").

Activate End if Next Row End Sub Sub Copy Data() Application.

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