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As they put it, “2/3 of male messages go to the top 1/3 of women”., my question is why is point A higher than point B if men’s contact is based solely on attractiveness.

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I wanted to discuss a few possibilities on why this can happen.While contact is obviously based in large part on attractiveness, this chart makes it clear that it is not the only variable…otherwise the last data point would have to be even higher (unless my high school knowledge of statistics is failing me). Maybe being beautiful is enough for a woman and they can be as nasty or boring or unclear or negative as they want to be in their profile. It’s a simple task to take a negatively written profile and flip it into a positive one.Also, for good or for bad, these statistics show that many men are making most of their decisions with their eyes (or another body part if you prefer). Because of this, women should take far more care in selecting their profile photos.If you’re a woman who is getting a healthy amount of views without much contact, it’s important to remember that being attractive isn’t the end of your responsibilities dating online!Having a pretty face is only going to get you so far…although it normally doesn’t hurt.

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