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And Marcus did not provide many details about how it works, which languages will be supported or when it will be available. And, most important for Facebook's bottom line, new tools for big businesses to access the platform and handle large numbers of messages. It has 450 million daily users — making it the most popular Stories product in the world. Facebook is rolling out features around blood donation, Cox says, after seeing large uptake of its existing features.

There's a flurry of new features coming to Whats App. But overall it's a largely subdued recap, which makes sense; the American audience is far less familiar with Whats App than the rest of the world. Some 8 million people are registered as a blood donor on the platform already.

It's less than five minutes until the Zuck is scheduled to take the stage.

House music pounds, smoke machines quietly emit vapor, bright lights (in Facebook's trademark blue, of course) roam the hall , visuals quietly morph onstage — creating a the atmosphere of a peculiarly sterile and subdued rave. Mark Zuckerberg has taken the wind out of this keynote slightly — by revealing many of the big announcements early.

This means people will be able to appear in a bubble alongside videos and narrate them in real time. Facebook will let third-party apps post to users' stories in Instagram and Facebook, Cox announces.

A user might post songs they're listening to on Spotify to their Instagram story, and their friends will then be able to click through to the song. Mark Zuckerberg ends on an almost defiant note, declaring to the crowds: "We will keep building!

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"I sat down with our team afterwards and said we will never be unprepared for this again." After recapping the challenges Facebook has faced — fake news, Russian interference, and so on — Zuck makes the case for Facebook's importance to the world.Snapchat may have created the Stories format, but Whats App has taken the idea and used its scale to dominate. Cox also discussed some new "Crisis Response" features, allowing users in emergency situations like earthquakes to add commentary in addition to declaring that they're safe.Facebook exec Chris Cox shares more detail on Facebook's new dating app.It starts at 9, compared to 9 for the existing Oculus headset, which requires a high-end PC to use.And everyone at the F8 conference is getting a free one, Zuck announces. A bevvy of announcements about Facebook’s messaging platforms: Whats App is getting video calls and building tools for large businesses to use the service; and Messenger is getting a simplified redesign, and augmented-reality camera tools.

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