What is varve dating

The 29,100 yr Lake Suigetsu chronology then covers the absolute age range from 8830 to 37,930 cal BP. Matching of the 29,100-yr long floating varve chronology from Lake Suigetsu to the absolute chronology.

= Lake Suigetsu (Japan); o = Lake Gosciaz (Poland).

Microscopic analysis of the varve microfacies revealed that laminations found in Lake Żabińskie were biogenic (calcite) varves.

Both models yielded ages much younger than the calendar age with a difference of ca. However, a significant improvement was introduced after using the composite CFCS model with sediment accumulation rates calculated for different zones of the sediment profile.

One of the products of the continuing cycles of the seasons can be found on the bottoms of some lakes.

In order to reconstruct the calendar time scale, we compared the Lake Suigetsu chronology with calibration curves obtained from recently revised absolute German oak and the floating German pine calibration curves (2).

Figure PE-4 shows the best match between the tree-ring and the Lake Suigetsu chronologies, estimated by minimizing the weighted sum of squared differences between the 14C ages of macrofossils and the tree-ring calibration curve.

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