When to meet the kids when dating

It appears we subconsciously think that if a pair can make it 90 days they should be able to make it much longer. If with, how old or young should they be compared to my own?

Being a divorced parent makes dating as simple as Differential Calculus. If not, does she want her children and if she does do I want any more?

Most homo sapiens are able to keep up a charade for about a month, but eventually the spots on the bathroom mirror start getting noticed.

The news of a couple breaking up in the first month lands a different reaction than the couple who broke up after 6 months.

Since their little brains were at the developmental stage of a garden gnome, I suffered minimal damage from my plethora of dating snafus.

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But with all of the factors to consider, from my experience, the majority of men put more thought into their choice of underwear than who they should introduce to their children.Even today, my kids occasionally ask about a past relationship from over three years ago.An advantage to divorcing when my little ones were still in diapers was that relationship mulligans were in ample supply.As a single papa I have the dating life and the daddy life.And mixing them before it’s time is like premature ejaculation which isn’t enjoyable and is embarrassing.

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