Who are the people in one direction dating

This is not exactly what we expected to wake up to this morning and we have SO MANY EMOTIONS.According to The Sun, the two and their ‘matching’ tattoos started dating in December after Cheryl’s split from Jean-Bernard, with their romance said to be the ‘real deal’ and Liam thought to be ‘madly in love’ with Chez.It was unexpected but they’ve both made each other incredibly happy.” A second friend added: “Cheryl has obviously known Liam for many years.They’ve always got on well because they are both northern and share many of the same interests.#Leryl/#Chiam (we’ll work on that) met five years ago, when fetus Liam auditioned for The X Factor, and became friends in recent years thanks to their mutual connection with Simon Cowell and Modest.

He has one younger half-sister, Georgia, by his father. While he was a student at Hall Cross, Louis starred in several Scholastic musical productions at this school, including Grease, which sparked his interest in performing. The real me, dates the famous Niall Horan and loves him with all my heart. ***** "I-I..." I stuttered as Zayn backed me against a wall, I didn't mean to kiss Niall. What happens when she and her best friend Abigail plan on going to the movies with all of her friends, and she meet the guy of her fake love. What happens when she has to date world famous star Harry Styles. It was just a fake relationship yet, Liam wanted it to be real so badly because he knew he comletely fell in love with her. I don't want to be known as Selena Gomez's sister, i wanna be known as a normal girl trying to achieve her dreams of becoming a famous Actress. The fake me, a nerdy bullied girl who gets abused physically and verbally everyday. Alexa Whitney never thought that just by fake dating the Zayn Malik would make her life upside down. Judith is a 16 year old teenage girl, bearly was allowed to date someone and has never gave her first kiss. Well Taylor is abused in every single way by her dad. She wears a fake mask of happiness to cover up the fact that her feelings were just becoming stronger and stronger due to that. After Liam's break-up with Danielle he was heart broken which made the band image go bad , So Simon and Paul thought if Liam fake date the band image would be good as new . She's just a normal girl who used to work for the FBI, she lost her job by punching one of her clients in the face, she now owns a website that ...19 year old Charlotte Hawthorne had everything going for her. But when she starts dating an abusive boyfriend, things go downhill. But will a certain brown eyed celebrity be able to change that? Louis received three out of three "yes"s from the judges, and qualified to the next round.He revealed in One Direction's 2013 concert film This Is Us that he was not happy with his audition and felt it was "terrible".

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