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Gabby collapses at home and is taken to hospital with suspected alcohol poisoning, but is later sent home. Laurel tells Gabby and Arthur that they are looking at full time care for Ashley following a stroke he has, which upsets Gabby, but she decides to make Christmas special for Ashley.

Gabby looks after Ashley on her own and she fails to realise that Ashley needed to use the toilet.

Jacob tells Leyla that he got the condom from David's wallet, so she has a look in his wallet and pulls out six condoms.

Then Gabby revealed to everyone that Laurel hurt Jacob by showing everyone that Jacob has bruises on his arm.

Gabby felt ignored, and began acting out after seeing her parents in constant conflict.

After Arthur became a part of the family, things settled down.

In September 2016, Gabby's younger sister Dotty was born.

Laurel discovers Gabby has been bunking off school to see Ashley at the day care centre and Gabby and Laurel talk to each other. Gabby and Liv skip school and a drunk Gabby streaks across the cricket pavilion field with Liv filming and sending the video.

More turmoil hit the family in 2012 when Laurel broke up with Ashley due to his abuse of Sandy.Ashley's carer, Will, tells Gabby that Ashley is getting worse and Gabby promises to tell Laurel, however Gabby lies and tells Laurel that Ashley had a good day.When Will is ill, Gabby is forced to look after Ashley and Dotty, and Laurel is angry with Laurel when Ashley is found alone after Gabby had to change Dotty, but they make up.Gabby was born into controversy, as no one had any idea whether Ashley or Bernice's former lover Carlos Diaz was her biological father. He and Bernice reconciled, but Bernice struggled with motherhood, a struggle which made her leave the village when Gabby was just a few months old.Ashley lived as a single father for several years, until he began dating Laurel Potts, finally marrying her in 2005.

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