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And so I got this necklace to wear as a memorial for him.

But also the whole aesthetic of that character, literally Jax wears the jeans and the shoes he wore.

The chickens have already started to make friends with me and I really want to eat them … I am going to be taking them to the vet and giving them mouth to mouth.

His role in 'Sons of Anarchy' has made Charlie Hunnam a star, with his portrayal of Jackson 'Jax' Teller, the president of an outlaw motorcycle club, who is as tough as any of them, but becomes increasingly disturbed by the life and laws within it. Through this show, I’ve spent an enormous amount of time in that world of bikers and clubs and the rallies and shit like that.

I just thought I couldn’t find someone that would be more prototypically perfect than this kid. Is there anything that you don’t like about your character or the culture itself?

The thing I’ve had the most trouble with kind of, putting myself in the shoes and understanding is the infidelity.

We’ll shoot anywhere from five to seven, sometimes eight scenes a day on this show.

It’s so discrete and beautiful.''I have no interest in the type of criminality that has no respect for collateral damage.

And it’s that aspect of the kind of club life and the camaraderie that has really become a central dynamic between the guys that play these characters. But we all kind of usually hang out and do a little post mortem after work and decompress in one way or another. We all kind of live around the Los Angeles area and we shoot fucking miles away a lot. He was the heir apparent, like the history and future of that club and just an amazing guy. He was like an old school outlaw, cowboy, fucking badass gunslinger. He ended up getting killed the week after I left Oakland, right before we started shooting.

Tommy’s riding a B-M-W and Boone rides like kind of an old chopped Harley. Peter just told us there were some extras on the show that were actually from – A: Yeah, I got to know some people really well.

But I don’t want to jump into another show right away because I need some freedom. If you had to put your finger on exactly what it is about the show that people have reacted to what would you say it is?

Just some time to have a little bit more control over my schedule. I think that as the world gets more and more gentrified and the thumb of Big Brother comes down on us more and more, there’s a real escape fantasy.

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