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A coroner was an Officer of the Royal Household charged with maintaining the rights of the private property of the Crown.

In modern times of course his chief function is to hold inquest on the bodies of those who have died by violence of accident.

This is where young Fred mastered his craft; under the watchful eye of his Father.

Early records show the acceptance of a Rocking Horse in 1865 for the young Duke of York by King Edward VII made by John Roebuck.

During their peak they employed 30 staff and would produce up to 2,800 Rocking Horses a year and other wooden toys.

They were also making the wooden components for Cyclops toys.

The ceremony last took place at the Coronation of George IV in 1821.

His business grew and he eventually moved the manufacturing to George St Brickfield Hill (the site where the Regent Theatre was later built); he would carry a finished Rocking Horse on each shoulder and hand deliver them to his customers; Anthony Horderns and Hoffnungs Wholesalers.Flanked by the High Constable and the Earl Marshal, he threw down the gauntlet three times, challenging to mortal combat any one who would dispute the King's right to reign.There is no record that the challenge was ever accepted.The factory eventually closed in 1972 to make way for fiberglass copies.One of the insignia of royalty, the cap is made of crimson velvet turned up with ermine.

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