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But scratch the surface and you will find they are brothers under the skin, truly passionate “audiophiles” — “fanatics” would be Henry’s word — as Dn A found out when Frances Anderton joined Tom recently on a wild sonic tour of Henry’s home.It was Tom’s idea; he’d read a blog by Henry in which he firmly declared “I am an audiophile” and talked about his dedicated pursuit of hi-fidelity, culminating in five systems now in Henry’s home.And as you probably saw, you and I have nothing to complain about.You're not twenty-two with your legs gone and other parts of your body torn away from you while you are married with two kids.Every single time I walk out of there just like "Whoa." It's a lot. You see these nurses and doctors kicking so much ass and working so hard. So I harbor no aggression or rage towards this person.

She's going to go out and do her own spoken word tour just to take the piss out of you. I just don't know honestly what I could do with it that's different.As he told Dn A, without hyperbole: “If you are going to listen to an mp3 — which is sacrilegious — through your listening device or your phone, every band you listen to, you are sticking knives into their ribs, you are throwing them into the curb, and running them over with a truck.” Henry’s rapid-fire, passionate delivery would have been ceaseless but for interjections from Tom, who proved to be Henry’s equal in audiophilia.The pair were off the races swapping notes about music and music-technology; I was merely a bystander.Most things written about his long career are either fawning or unnecessarily critical, further confirming the belief that he provokes powerful responses from those he comes in contact with. The guy before you had great questions and we ran long because some other calls previous to that came in late. So it sounds like I'm burning this band but I'm not, but about four years ago I saw Van Halen on a night off in Chicago, with David Lee Roth singing and it was men in their fifties playing music they wrote in their twenties.Through the years he's expressed no allegiance to any particular medium, subculture, or movement, preferring instead to move between music, film, TV, radio, publishing, and spoken word concerts with such rapid fire succession that it makes fans prone to whiplash. I was bowled over by his winning charisma and immediate likability of the guy. One interview after another and we had a domino effect. I feel like 50 is a number that I can't even associate with you considering I broke my first bone at a Rollins Band Concert. I don't feel old but the comedian in me cannot resist having fun with being fifty. And while the show was competent and they played the songs very well and Dave was leaping about, it was what it was and it was ultimately depressing.

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