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Some went to college, some changed work industries, and some attempted to continue their careers with minimal success. She may be harder to remember because she was written out of the show after season one and replaced by Lola, played by Victoria Justice. The mischievous red-head was always butting heads with his sister and looking for creative ways to make money..

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The former actor did attempt to break back into the industry as a writer, but he ended up going to college instead.Time will tell if his music career will be as successful as his former band’s. Played by Rob Pinkston, the goofy character had amazingly round hair and provided children with plenty of laughs.His character has become somewhat of an icon, inspiring memes and a weird, fandom following.Along with Disney Channel, Nickelodeon has been pumping out successful children’s show for decades.The '90s shows, in particular, are a pop-culture staple, and the network is still thriving today.

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