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Yourfavoritemartian (or YFM) was a music channel created by Ray William Johnson in March 2006, though nothing was uploaded to the channel until almost five years later.The channel currently has over half a billion total video views and 2.3 million subscribers.

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He is seen with a red hoodie, white basketball shoes, and blue jeans.

Benatar (Guitar Bass/Keytar/Piano/Vocals) - A man with blond hair, a blue suit, and black jeans.

The first time he sang was in "Grandma Got a Facebook", and his first song in which he had significant vocals was "Friend Zone". In "Friend Zone," he is dating the girl that Benatar is in the friend zone with.

The first official video of the channel, a music video called "My Balls," was released on January 26, 2011 and, a week after uploading, had 6.5 million views, eventually taking its place as one of the most viral videos in You Tube history.

As of September 26, 2012, there were 43 uploaded videos by Yourfavoritemartian, with no further videos added since (see below).

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