Who is robert plant dating now

Robert and I did it to have fun and see what would happen, but to start with it was very scary because both of us were out of our comfort zones' I had to take a break from the new album because I was worrying over it so much that it gave me these killer headaches.That led to me finding it difficult to sleep, which would bring on worse pain and more worry – which wouldn’t let me sleep. I’ve been working with Union Station for 26 years now and with all the differences in personality, not being family, being raised all over the country and having different tastes, it is amazing that we’ve stayed together.When I started it always got mentioned how young I was but I wanted people to be into my music because it was interesting and good, not because of my age.That’s not the case any more – getting older has taken care of that.Alison Krauss is renowned for her clear, angelic voice and exquisite harmonies and has been awarded no fewer than 26 Grammy awards.Krauss and her band, Union Station, are known here as ambassadors of bluegrass music, and their albums have sold more than 11 million copies.I know that’s strange in this day and age but I don’t.I do have one but it lives in the basement and comes up to the house maybe once a year when friends come over and want to watch a big football game or similar.

I knew my better years would be when I got older and I am about to hit that milestone.I vividly remember calling him before we started Raising Sand and saying, ‘I’m worried’, and he said, ‘That’s good, because I am too’.He’s a great guy to spend time with – and as a singer, to watch how he works was amazing.Every time I talk to him we discuss doing the next one but when that will come to fruition I don’t know.'Recording with Robert Plant was like jumping off a cliff.

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