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The party she has planned for her grandson is not a traditional 18th birthday party, but Chancellor Lee Adams is not your typical 18-year-old. He also has cerebral palsy and permanent brain damage owing to the trauma of an emergency birth that deprived him of blood and oxygen.A gunman shot his mother four times on the night of Chancellor Lee’s birth.Saundra Adams speaks to inmates at the Mecklenburg County Jail in October 2017 as her grandson Chancellor Lee Adams looks on.Her 30-minute talk received a standing ovation from several of the prisoners, who also had questions about how she had been able to forgive Rae Carruth and his three co-conspirators for murdering her daughter. Carruth was held at the jail before his sentencing.The former Panther is scheduled to be released from prison on Oct. In 1997, Rae Carruth (84) was a promising NFL rookie and Carolina’s first-round draft choice. “We’ve talked about it a lot.” And, with a little more than 11 months to go before Carruth’s expected release, that remains the Adams’ plan.He scored the only four NFL touchdowns of his career that season, including this 24-yard TD pass he caught from quarterback Kerry Collins (12). They want to meet Carruth at the prison gates when he finally becomes a free man.Would Chancellor Lee like to meet his father on the day he is released? It is early October 2017, and Saundra and Chancellor Lee Adams are inside a jail themselves. Carruth once made roughly ,000 per game with the Panthers.

Adams says that once Carruth realized the visit could not be photographed or filmed by the media that he wasn’t much interested anymore in seeing his son, and ended the visit after about 10 minutes.

She has spoken at different prisons in both Carolinas about a half-dozen times now.

There are 25 men in front of Saundra and Chancellor Lee, all of them sitting in brown plastic chairs.

Chancellor Lee will reach this landmark as a gentle young man.

He has lived his entire life in Charlotte protected and emboldened by a loving grandmother, Saundra Adams, who has raised him from birth.

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