Who is sophia myles dating

Most other girls, I think, would have gone to the gym and got themselves in shape. Not only has she been investigating vampire sex in BBC's Dracula, but she also says that, "because it's about voyeurism, the odd cheeky bit slips out" in Hallam Foe. "In fact, my agent got on to me about losing some weight a while back, and I said, 'Dude, I'm not going to get laid if I lose any more weight! You know, I'm in shape, I keep reasonably toned, but I've got a bit of jingle-jangle.And men like that." Myles seems comfortable in her own skin now - happy about her life and her man - and sanguine about her career. I daren't tell anyone though, or they'll never use me again." With big-budget epics like Outlander on the horizon, Myles can afford a laugh at her own expense.I've chosen not to talk about my really private life to the press - I've never invited a huge amount of attention. I think, once you start revealing the private stuff, you're essentially fair game." What is at the basis of these fears about press intrusion is not quite clear.

' And it's not as if I can't understand why they're asking.She is, she reveals, "stupidly" in love with Tennant (who she met, a little over a year ago, as she played Madame de Pompadour to his Doctor Who).In fact, as she whiles away months of filming in Nova Scotia on Outlander, she will keep a Doctor Who figurine with her for company. "I'm pretty excited about the fact that my boyfriend has an action doll. Now, all I'm waiting for is for the Doctor Who people to make a Madame de Pompadour doll so I can do a bit of Barbie and Ken action with them ..."Without sounding up my own arse, I think I was a threat to some of the girls ...But I wasn't really interested in any of those sweaty, disgusting boys at that time in my life anyway. And I definitely wanted to get out of the suburbs." Having been spotted by the Oscar-winning screenwriter and actor Julian Fellowes in a school play at the age of 16, she had her ticket out of Isleworth.

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