Who is tahj mowry dating

American actor, voice actor, singer and dancer Tahj Mowry is a well-known person while talking about his career. The rumors first hit the media when he liked some photos of a gay bodybuilder named Andrew.

But when you become famous, you are also exposed to rumors and speculations, and in the case of Tahj, he is often termed as a gay by many people. Is he a gay or does he have a girlfriend to shut out those rumors? Some claimed him being not straight regarding his sexuality in a statement which said, Well, is that what you get for liking some man's pictures? But all of this might just be a hoax as he has had relationships with ladies in the past and having a relationship with someone of opposite sex shall help him limit gay rumors to a minimum.

The actor is very particular about the qualities he searches for the love of his life and doesn’t believe in the dating apps like Tinder to seek a girlfriend.

Upon asked, the actor confessed that he is in a relationship with music these days.

Caption; Tahj Mowry and Erica Campo while on New Year's vacation in Bali, Indonesia in 2013 But the two did not last for a long time as the two split following some undisclosed reasons, and as a result, Tahj was again single in 2015.

The current relationship status of Tahj is kept private by him but has a history of dating women, which smacks the gay rumors and throws it out of the window.

The actor made an appearance in movie ‘Rappin' N’ Rhymin’ and Full House in the next year.

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Tahj Mowry first appeared on the television screen from the series, Who’s the Boss as Greg in 1990.

This shows that he along with his siblings are all famous personalities as the twin sisters have quite the name and fame in the acting and modeling field.

Talking about his parents, he is the son of Darlene Renee, who eventually ended up managing Tahj's siblings' early careers, and Timothy John Mowry, a police officer and a veteran of wars.

The celeb shared in the interview with Hollywood life that music festivals are the perfect place to meet women.

Well, the girls who want to fall in love with Tahj should better head to music festivals from now.

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