Wooyoung and taeyeon dating

Her performance in the sold-out shows received good press despite the musical’s critical reviews.

Despite the positive reviews, Taeyeon later said that musicals are difficult.

Go’ soundtrack, after its musical director was left with a “deep impression” having heard her cover version of a song on a radio appearance.There are the groups with fans that flip out if their idol even appears with a girl for a variety show and then you have the groups where the fans are saying things like, 'Oppa we love you but please date it's embarrassing' or 'Oppa you're too old to be alone please date already!' As a non-Korean I'm not comfortable using Oppa but I do feel like saying, 'Please date soon' to some of my favorites. During the same year, Taeyeon worked with Korean songwriter-composer Ahn Young-min.She recorded “Like A Star” (featuring The One), having the song peaked at number one on Gaon Digital Chart after its release.

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