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On the same side of that coin, If suddenly there are no longer any red links on the List of all comics then everyone perusing that page assumes that all the comics have been explained and don't need to contribute any more.

It's astonishing how quickly an embedded red link gets an explanation page created simply to get rid of the red link.

If it's a big enough issue and/or you don't seem to be learning from what people are fixing about your edits someone will leave a comment on your talk page. We might leave a nasty-gram in the edit summary, but oh well. Honestly working to better the wiki is good, even if sometimes we grumble about it. Shall we go ahead with inaugurating him into our list of regular characters, and what name shall we assign him? On the other hand, not all names are descriptive (Danish) and I think this wiki is entitled to create some xkcd-in-culture, and not just describe. Well, he's not named in a any official transcripts, but he's already called Harry in quite a few comic explanations.

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Everywhere else we follow standard wiki format and do use sections on the discussion pages. The worst that happens is someone reverts your edit. Often the dividing line between trivia and explanation is not entirely clear, and in articles without a trivia section the end of the explanation very often contains trivia-like information. 1155: Kolmogorov Directions) -- St.nerol (talk) , 4 January 2013 (UTC) At first sight title case in titles just makes sense. 1.48 , 10 August 2013 (UTC) As per Talk:1178: Pickup Artists, the character with hair has appeared in quite a few comics now, and he's starting to become a recurring character. Cos made a point in the discussion on Talk:1178: Pickup Artists that Hairy is directly descriptive, whereas Harry is not obvious to visitors.

Every once in a while somebody will go through and try to notice all the pages that don't have their redirects created but it's an unscientific process that only happens occasionally.

If we could get every joe blow that comes in and vomits up a poorly done explanation to create the redirects I wouldn't be quite as annoyed at their lack of show-don't-tell-manship. 17jiangz1 (talk) , 26 December 2014 (UTC) I am new here and I'm trying to get up to speed with the culture.

It's my opinion that the only names that should be "real" proper names are those that are named in the comic. Danish (as is discussed below) isn't truly a proper name, but you could argue it's a meta-description (one attributed by Black hat.) So that's my vote: yes for Curly or Hairy, no for Harry.

Irony Chef (talk) , 2 March 2013 (UTC)That's right, Danish is not descriptive, but 1/ that name was suggested because the character was called that way in the comic, which is a tiny bit like a name given by the author (at least more than Harry which we have completely made up), and 2/ in that case it's hard to find a descriptive term: use something that revolves around her black hair (her only descriptive feature), and you easily mix up with Megan; the only graphical difference is that her hair is long, but what kind of name can you make out of that?

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