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I am working in WIZnet, and working hard to activate forum(wizwiki.net/forum).Because W5200 need over 150ms for reset after RSTn goes high.Pai sti cum e, sfaturi se gasesc dar va trebui sa treci bazandute pe tine si nu pe sfaturi. o relatie o incepi cu gandul ca poate candva, se va termina.gandeste-te la acea relatie ca la o amintire frumoasa, dar ca la o amintire. Lasa in spate tot ce a fost si gandeste-te ca nu a fost sa fie.

Main board has 7 analogue inputs that can recognize different events on sensors.Currently doing real life testing and polishing the code.There is simple panel, screenshot on picture, allowing you to set the MQTT server IP address and it's port, and enable or disable this function globally.Or to use INT wiz820io pin which I have connected to atmega, and it is not used by driver for software reset.Hi, As you mentioned before, WIZ820io(W5200)'s reset pin had better to connect to AVR's GPIO.

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