Xbmc 11 library not updating blogs for dating over 50

So far, "Library Mode" is blacked out and I am unable to select it.

Is this the feature that I need to have running to view my content in the same style as Sapphire?

Also, how do I get XBMC to gather info from scrapers?

I have selected import but nothing seems to happen.

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I read the whole thread it’s a script that I really would like to work. 28video) gives out 404 Not Found The path '/xbmc Cmds/xbmc Http' was not found. Have you tried removing the username and password from XBMC ? Try another port in XBMC If you can not get it working with the browser, then the scripts are not going to work my edit above I removed the user pass and the script runs on same machine so i took localhost. I am just too dumb to find the directory I guess where the command is.

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-s:filename Specifies a text file containing FTP commands; the commands will automatically run after FTP starts.

host Specifies the host name or IP address of the remote host to connect to. I have set up Username and password ans webaccess in the settings of XBMC. Is this only working after a file is processed out of SABNZB?

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