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Taking a walk toward Long Wharf or East Rock or browsing the shops on Chapel Street are also good dates (and there’s the Chapel Sweet Shop for when the walking tires you out).

Go see one of the many outstanding comedy groups, dance groups or a cappella groups.

Don’t be afraid of asking someone on a date that might not seem like one.

A date is simply an opportunity for two people to get together and enjoy each other’s company.

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(If you’ve broken this record, never ask me out.) While most Yalies seem to prefer Koffee Too?

Most Yalies complain that they’ve never been on a real date. Set a time, pick a place, and if you’re going to go to a large function, go to his or her room and pick him or her up.

Yalies can vastly improve dating at Yale by choosing to actually go on dates. Fortunately, most Yalies will be so thrilled by the prospect of going on a real live actual “date” that they’ll be too shocked to say anything but “Yes, take me.” Well, maybe not those words exactly, but at least they probably won’t say “no.” The words “see you there” or “meet up later” should never be included when asking someone for a date.

But clean your room before this date, as there’s nothing less romantic than dirty socks. For the athletic, beer-drinking Yalie, going to a tailgate and (painfully) watching a (heart-breaking) football game can be a nice way to spend an afternoon. (Note to hot male readers: I am a big fan of the tailgate date.) Oh, and meeting up at Beta late-night does not constitute a date. So why is everyone so eager to get hopped-up on coffee?

“Grabbing coffee” has become the date of choice for most Yalies for good reasons.

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